Swing Align XL


Golf is one of the greatest, and most difficult games a person can play. Instructors and coaches are an effective way to get your golf swing dialed in, but lessons can be expensive and time consuming. Given how much instruction is needed to excel in golf, the price of coaching sessions can really add up. The Swing Align XL golf swing Aid can provide a versatile, and inexpensive alternative to lessons, or can help alleviate cost by supplementing time with an instructor. Swing Align allows golfers to see and feel their swing like never before.  It can be used at home or on the practice range or green. It is easy to use and helps build a better swing with more consistency, leading to lower scores and more enjoyment of the game.

The Swing Align XL is made for those golfers with larger arms, measuring 13.5 inches or more in circumference while at rest. However, the XL has other benefits as well — primarily that it can be used on your legs. This adds a whole new element to golf swing training by making a number of short game drills possible. Take a look at how the Swing Align XL can change your game forever:


A lot of golf experts consider putting to be the most important aspect of the game, and none argue the difficulty of mastering the art. One of the most important things to remember while putting is to keep your lower body stable. With the Swing Align XL on your legs, even the slightest movement makes the alignment rod move noticeably. Simply wearing the device while you do your normal putting drills will make it instantly obvious how much your lower body is moving. The strong visual indicator provided by the alignment rod will help you practice stability.

Short Game Shots

Pitching and chipping is another aspect of the game that can pose many challenges. Many golfers experience the opposite issue we addressed in putting. Even chip shots with a shortened backswing and follow-through should include lower body movement, like a miniature swing.  Many golfers go stiff in the legs when they chip and consequently chunk or hit the ball thin. When wearing the Swing Align XL on your legs the amount your lower body is moving, and how it’s moving, is made obvious by the device’s highly visible alignment rod. Practice rotating the lower body during short game shots and you will see immediate improvement.

Tired of practicing your golf swing without seeing any results? If so, we have the perfect golf swing trainer for you! From keeping your arms and body synchronized to ensuring your legs stay fluid during chip shots, the Swing Align XL can help you shoot lower scores and get more enjoyment out of the game.

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