Gaining Consistency In Your Golf Game

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In our latest video Devan Bonebrake goes over why Swing Align is such a useful golf swing training aid for helping his students retain what he teaches them in their lessons. The highly visual nature of Swing Align makes it a particularly effective tool for developing muscle memory and remembering key swing concepts. It makes body positions and golf swing mechanics easier to see and understand. Many people pay for golf lessons with top golf instruction professionals like Devan, but are so busy outside of their lessons that they struggle to maintain the skills that are taught to them. The Swing Align swing trainer makes retention much easier by adding clear visual cues to all of your training.

According to Devan there are three major takeaways from his lessons that are made much easier to understand and retain with the use of a Swing Align. These three concepts are our core principals, Alignment, Connection, and Rotation. Golf alignment is one thing that every golfer can get 100% right. No matter what your skill level, you can align to your target as well as any pro, especially if you have a Swing Align. How you set up to your shot has a lot to do with how you go back, which then has a lot to do with the rest of your swing. There is a cascade effect to alignment that influences every subsequent part of the golf swing. Every good golf swing starts with good alignment. If your shoulders are open, which is very common according to Devan, you’ve pre-set yourself for a slice. You’re also more prone to big divots, to come down on the ball, there is a laundry list of poor golf mechanics that follow poor set up. Many golfers utilize a ground based alignment rod when they practice, but it’s much more difficult to see where your upper body is pointed. The upper body’s alignment in the golf swing has much more to do with what the club does for the rest of the swing. Just the act of setting up properly gives the golfer a lot of information about their body position. Proper alignment through Swing Align creates a number of opportunities to get the most out of both your training and, ultimately, your swing on the golf course.

The second major swing mechanic that Devan finds his students struggle to understand is connection. It’s relatively easy for an instructor like Devan to help a student to feel what it’s like to have your arms and body working together in a proper golf swing. What is difficult is for them to take that feeling home with them, to remember, and to apply it appropriately. Swing Align remains comfortable, while providing an easy reminder of how your arm and body connection should feel. Like with alignment, regular use of the Swing Align promotes positive muscle memory. After just a short time practicing with the Swing Align the feeling of proper connection will start to stay with you out on the course. The connection belt can even be tightened down to overemphasize the feeling, and to speed up the process of correcting poor connection habits - such as your arms working independently from your body. Devon likes for his students to make a lot of quick, miniature swings, to get accustomed to the feel of the Swing Align keeping their arms and body connected. These small swings are an easy drill that can be done anywhere - in your home, at work, at the range.

The last golf swing fundamental Devan talks about is rotation. Rotation is another one of those golf swing mechanics that a lot of players struggle with. Inflexibility is sometimes the root of the problem, it often leads golfers to give up on their rotation sooner than they strictly could. Feeling as though you’ve rotated enough is no replacement for knowing exactly how much to rotate. Devan’s favorite drill with Swing Align is a simple one, set an alignment rod on the ground parallel to your trail foot, perpendicular to your target line. As you rotate make sure that the rod across your chest gets to the point that it matches, or goes beyond the rod you’ve placed on the ground. In this way you receive instant feedback on exactly how much your body has rotated. The rods position at the top of your backswing also provides tons of useful information on body position, swing plane, tilt, etc. In a golf instruction environment this makes Swing Align an invaluable tool. Your instructor can clearly and easily show you all the positions you struggle with, why you are out of place, how to correct your mistakes. What’s more, because the device is so visual, these types of corrections go from being difficult to conceptualize to being simple to understand, their solutions easy to replicate. Swing Align allows the golfer to see their swing like they never have before.

The uses for Swing Align don’t end there either. It can be used to short game drills, for chipping, for putting. It can be worn on the legs or the body, or both. The applications are practically endless. If you are serious about getting better, especially if you work with a golf instructor, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your training with Swing Align.

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