Swing Align



Swing Align helps golfers of all abilities to improve.

  • Align perfectly every time!

  • Fully rotate your shoulders!

  • Keep your arms and body connected!

  • Use with any club, from driver to putter!


Swing Align Standard fits most golfers, and is sized for use on biceps measuring under 13.5" in circumference while hanging at rest. Arm sizes larger than 13.5" should use a Swing Align XL.

Swing Align helps you improve through consistent alignment with your target line, by keeping your arms and body connected while rotating, and by making it easy to build a repeatable golf swing and ingrain good habits through visual and muscle memory.

Swing Align is an intuitive training aid developed by golf industry veterans with more than 60 years-experience, and with input from PGA Tour players as well as top golf instructors. The device provides instant visual feedback, it allows you to see your rotation and swing plane in real time.  It can be used to practice in any setting, from the office to the range. You can rehearse key positions or hit full speed shots with any golf club.

Swing Align is a wearable device. It features a highly visible alignment rod that is held across the chest by adjustable arm cuffs that swivel. The cuffs are linked by a flexible connection belt, which allows you to use the training device while making an athletic golf swing with any of your clubs, from driver to irons, wedges or putter. The training aid comes in two sizes, standard or XL, and can be bundled with a ground-based alignment product with a sliding ball-position indicator puck.

Swing Align is designed primarily for use on the upper body, but can also be worn on the legs above the knees.  When worn on the legs the device becomes a powerful tool for short game training. Whether used with an instructor or on your own, Swing Align is a simple and effective tool for golfers of every skill level.  It will help highly skilled golfers looking to reinforce the fundamentals, serious golfers committed to learning and improving, recreational golfers looking for a quick tune up, and for beginning players interested in learning what a proper golf swing feels like.

There is no limit to the training exercises that can be accomplished with a Swing Align.  Go to the INSTRUCTION portion of our website to see new tips and drills.

Swing Align is the most effective alignment aid in golf.  It takes the classic trick of having someone lay a club across your chest to show where your body is pointed and makes it even more accessible.

During your backswing Swing Align keeps the arms and body connected, while giving an obvious visual indication of whether you’ve rotated enough at the top of your swing.  If the alignment rod is perpendicular to your target line, you’ve made a good turn.

The position of the rod at the top also provides an indication of whether you’ve stayed on plane and in proper posture.  If the rod is parallel to the ground, or pointed slightly downward toward your ball, you’ve maintained your spine angle and are much more likely to make a good downswing and solid contact.  

Swing Align takes care of arm body synchronization at all points in the swing, so that you may free up your thoughts for other golf swing mechanics.

The indicators of these proper swing mechanics are tied in to strong physical and visual reminders, which make regular use of the device highly valuable.

It has never been easier to know which parts of your swing are correct and which need work as it is with Swing Align; likewise it has never been so easy to groove a more repeatable swing than it is with its regular use.

If consistency, accuracy, and power, are your goals, look no further than Swing Align.

Swing Align Standard includes

  • flexible cuff assemblies

  • standard cushioned pads

  • adjustable connection belt

  • one long alignment rod

  • two short rod extensions

  • additional thick cushioned pads

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