Why Swing Align?

We all struggle to improve upon and maintain our golf swing fundamentals, regardless of skill level.  The Swing Align swing trainer is here to help alleviate that struggle.

While there are many golf swing trainers, most only help golfers with one or two specific elements of their golf swing.  Even worse, many of these devices use a method that is fundamentally different from a normal golf swing, leaving it up to the user to integrate what they’ve learned.  The Swing Align swing trainer teaches a wide gamut of golf swing fundamentals, and it does so in an intuitive way.

  • The Swing Align golf swing trainer allows its user to visualize and feel key swing positions, all while practicing alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane.
  • The Swing Align allows its user to groove a repeatable swing that delivers more power and better accuracy.
  • The Swing Align allows for full swings at full speed with any club.  Learn good golf swing fundamentals the way that feels most natural, by hitting golf balls with your own clubs.

Our Story

The initial concept that led to the Swing Align device was developed by a man named Allan Strand.  Allan was a concert pianist, a PGA Tour putting instructor, and developer of the 17 time PGA winning Dandy Professional Putters.

Allan was able to extensively study the swings of Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, Henrik Stenson, and Dr. Gil Morgan.  Golf swing mechanics became his obsession. Eventually, he concluded that the biggest commonality between the world’s top golf swings were arm and body connection, and proper rotation - both in the backswing and follow through.

Allan’s research culminated in the first Swing Align prototype.  He pursued the project with the help of his friends on the PGA Tour until his untimely death in 2013.  In 2017 the project was picked up by Chris McGinley, a 30-year golf industry veteran, and Allan’s brother Everett Strand.

After a year of engineering and industrial design, Chris and Ev are confident that the Swing Align golf swing training device will contribute a significant, lasting impact on the performance of golfers at every skill level.