What is the primary benefit of Swing Align?
The device helps with alignment, rotation, timing and swing plane but golfers and instructors tell us the ability to feel a properly connected golf swing where the arms and body work together is the biggest benefit.

How do I put on my Swing Align?
In a short sleeve shirt, you can slide your arms through the cuffs starting at your wrists. Slide the device up and position it just above your elbows. The cuffs are also flexible enough to be opened and pushed on directly above your elbows.

Can I wear Swing Align over a jacket?
Yes. You can clip the arm cuffs straight on to your biceps over a jacket or sweater, instead of sliding them up your arm.

Will the extended rods hit me or snag when swinging?
No. You can make full swings wearing Swing Align and be confident that the rods will not harm you, hinder you, or get in the way of your swing. As always when you swing a golf club make sure you have enough clearance away from people or objects.

Does the $109.95 Swing Align come with Rod Extensions?
No. Only the Bundles come with Rod Extensions.

Can I order Rod Extensions separately?
Yes. https://swingtrainer.com/products/swing-align-extension-rods

The standard sized cuffs don’t fit my arms, is there a smaller option?
We have thick pads for smaller arms, email info@swingtrainer.com for more information.

Do I need a golf instructor to get the most out of my Swing Align?
No. Our Instruction Blog is written by golf instructors, and has swing information and tips that cover a wide range of topics.

How tight should I set the connection belt on my Swing Align?
This varies from person to person, however there tends not to be a wrong answer. Some like to over-tighten the cuff spacing because they often lose their arm connection when swinging and want to over emphasize the feeling of connection. Others have so little concern for their arm connection that they use the device without the connection belt.

The guide for my cuffs broke / the screws came loose / the housing is cracked, can I get replacement parts?
Yes. We can replace any individual part of a Swing Align device with no issue, please let us know and we will get parts to you ASAP!