Swing Align Standard Bundle

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Swing Align Standard fits most golfers, and is sized for use on biceps measuring under 13.5" in circumference while hanging at rest. Arm sizes larger than 13.5" should use a Swing Align XL.

  • Teaches golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane
  • Promotes a golf swing with more power with better accuracy
  • Helps all golfers learn and maintain through a simple process
  • Grooves a more repeatable set up and golf swing
  • Rehearse key positions or hit any golf shot at full speed while wearing the device
  • When used together, Swing Align and the included Swing Junction alignment rod create a peerless golf alignment aid
  • Justifying your body and target lines has never been easier

Swing Align is the only golf swing training device that helps the golfer improve through both visual and muscle memory.

The Swing Align Bundle includes one Swing Junction alignment rod set.  All parts in the Swing Junction are modular with any Swing Align product.


  • flexible cuff assemblies
  • standard cushioned pads
  • adjustable connection belt
  • two long alignment rods
  • four short rod extensions
  • Swing Junction puck
  • additional thick cushioned pads

      Customer Reviews

      Customer Reviews

      All-in-One Swing Trainer

      This is truly an all-in-one swing tool. Really enjoy using this. When it comes to being able to directly see and feel alignment and rotation, this is awesome. The arm cuffs provide enough pressure throughout the swing to help me with one-piece takeaways, takeaway plane, a better coordinated downswing, and connected follow-through. The best use, in my opinion, is with video. The green alignment bar is easy to see and you can quickly analyze key points in your swing and what adjustments you need to make. Great stuff, nice job Swing Align!

      Big Dog

      A solid golf training device, I already feel more confident with my swing after a few days practicing with it.

      Great Product

      Several weeks before I discovered your product I made a similar device with a bungee cord and rod. I bought your product because I had problems with my alignment of my shoulders. I have been practicing with your product for a few minutes everyday. Well last Saturday I hit one of my best shots on a par 3 165 yard hole with a 6 iron. The ball went in the hole for my first hole in one. I thought that you might want to hear some positive feedback. Sincerely Andre Galiber, Jr. M.D.