The Unmistakable Feel of SOLID CONTACT

With SWING ALIGN your arms and body work together naturally to make great things happen with your golf swing. You will hit consistently solid shots aimed at your target in just a few swings!

Want To Achieve Robotic Consistency With Your Golf Swing?

Want Robotic Consistency With Your Golf Swing?

Watch the video below from Devan Bonebrake, top ranked instructor and host of The Golf Fix to see SWING ALIGN, the #1 ALIGNMENT and CONNECTION device in golf, fix the 2 problems that are keeping you from playing your best golf.

Watch the video above from Devan Bonebrake, top ranked instructor and host of The Golf Fix to see SWING ALIGN, the #1 ALIGNMENT and CONNECTION device in golf, fix the 2 problems that are keeping you from playing your best golf.

Calling all improvement minded golfers!

You know how it goes. You hit a fantastic shot…

Right in the sweet spot. Right at the target...

Life is good!

But the next shot isn’t your best...

And you find yourself thinking... Why can’t I replicate that perfect feeling every time?

Don’t beat yourself up! The golf swing is complicated...

Thankfully, we're here to help…

The 2 Problems Holding You Back From Robotic Consistency. Alignment & Connection.

Everyone will tell you they want distance and accuracy, but when you get down to it what golfers need most is CONSISTENCY.

Hitting solid golf shots exactly where you aim is the feeling all golfers chase. It’s what keeps you playing this crazy game.

If only there were a swing training device that let you FEEL when your swing goes wrong and importantly...

FEEL when your swing goes right so you can replicate that feeling over and over again.

There is...

SWING ALIGN is the ONLY swing training device that keeps your body in the correct positions without hindering your swing.

SWING ALIGN works with your swing to stop you from making the 2 big mistakes that hold almost every golfer back regardless of skill level, even the best golfers in the world…


The moment you put on SWING ALIGN you'll be able to align at your target AND synchronize your arms and body throughout your swing...

ALIGNMENT. It’s really simple. Get your body correctly aligned and you can start to enjoy super-consistent ball striking. Once you learn to align your upper and lower body you won’t have to make swing adjustments to hit it straight. But getting aligned consistently is never as easy as it seems… unless you have something that lets you do it correctly every time

CONNECTION. When the arms and body are not working together it’s almost impossible to be consistent. Plus, you leak power and lose accuracy. BUT… when everything works in unison, you stay connected and hit effortlessly solid shots.

What is it keeping golfers from unlocking the solution to these common issues?


To improve you need to FEEL the correct positions and swing moves…

Now you can do it yourself with… SWING ALIGN!

Some golfers learn by watching instruction. Some golfers listen to teachers, then try to implement the correct moves. But…

Golfers learn best by FEELING the correct moves…

And the best, fastest and most effective way to learn, is with SWING ALIGN...

The corrections will be automatic!

After a few practice swings each week, taken at home or on the range, you'll find yourself playing more consistent golf!

SWING ALIGN is engineered, patented, tour tested and proven, and built to last. Developed with the help of major championship winning golfers including Ernie Els, Vijay Singh and Henrik Stenson. Designed by golf industry leaders with over 60 years experience who have worked with ten #1 world ranked players.

Most importantly it is designed to help you both see and feel your improvement. That’s why it comes with an unmatched performance and workmanship guarantee.

But let’s get back to consistency...

It All Starts In The Backswing…

When you have problems with your setup and backswing, it’s really hard to be consistent.

You must have a sound setup and backswing to deliver the club correctly at impact.

SWING ALIGN will guide your setup, aligning your body correctly before you hit a shot, making your backswing more repeatable.

SWING ALIGN will synchronize your arms and body when moving the club, making your backswing more consistent.

SWING ALIGN works with different styles of swings to deliver the club to hit long, straight, consistently solid golf shots.

The Connection Between The Arms and Body… And What It Means for You…

To make great contact with the ball, the power muscles of your arms, torso and core must be connected and work in sequence.

Here’s what happens when the arms, shoulders, and core are NOT connected...

The arms move ahead of the torso and you slice, pull, and hit the ball thin.

The arms are behind the torso and you push, chunk, and hit nasty hooks.

But when the arms and body work together, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in your golf swing.

You will...

  • Make CONSISTENTLY solid contact
  • Hit controlled straight, draw or fade shots, not a weak slice or big hook
  • Hit more fairways and greens
  • Control your distances
  • Swing freely
  • Gain skill and confidence as you improve

Get SWING ALIGN and you will enjoy a totally different type of golf with …

Consistent ALIGNMENT… You'll see the proper alignment to your target, and the tilt of the alignment rod sets the proper spine angle. The result? You’re set up for success before you even hit a shot.

Consistent CONNECTION… The arm cuffs and connection belt guides your movement keeping your arms and body synchronized to develop the muscle memory to correctly move the club throughout your swing.

Bonus! Consistent and Powerful ROTATION… The alignment rod makes it easy to see rotation. When the rod gets perpendicular to the target line you know you’ve rotated your body correctly.

Bonus! Consistent SWING PLANE… The alignment rod shows you the correct swing plane. When the rod is level or slightly pointed down at the top, you’ve maintained your posture and stayed on the correct swing plane.

With SWING ALIGN it only takes a few minutes to feel a better golf swing!

The best selling SWING ALIGN Bundle includes the following...

  • Fully assembled SWING ALIGN device
  • Arm cuffs and adjustable connection belt
  • Short Game Rod for chipping and putting
  • Additional rod extensions for stronger visual feedback
  • Swing Junction ground alignment rod and position puck
  • Bonus carry bag


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