Swing Junction



Versatile ground based alignment tool with a sliding junction for ball position. The junction puck allows for the small rod sections to be installed at a perpendicular angle for additional alignment options.  Swing Junction makes the Swing Align device more effective and makes aligning to your target as easy as looking down. Swing Junction assures you that your upper and lower body are consistently aligned every time!

  • Ground based alignment tool for target line, ball position and other important swing indicators.
  • Slide the Puck easily with your foot to change the position - forward for drives and back toward the middle for iron shots
  • The rod extensions can be screwed into the Puck at 90 degrees for an even stronger visual reference point
  • Useful in a variety of drills with the Swing Align device, especially in regards to rotation

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    • Swing Junction puck
    • One long alignment rod
    • Two short rod extensions

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