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If you’ve played one round of golf or a thousand you know just how difficult the game can be. It’s no wonder why most people can’t shoot a score below 100. Very few of us pick up a golf club and instantly start seeing success, the majority of us need some coaching or a golf swing aid to really dial in that swing.

Sometimes you don’t have time to schedule lessons with a golf instructor, and seeking the help you need can be a difficult task. Luckily, Strand Sports, Inc. is proud to offer the Swing Align device to help take your game to the next level. This incredible device attaches to both arms and can be bundled to include two rods: one for your arms and one placed in front of your toes. These rods ensure that you’re aiming towards your target and taking a straight path to your destination. In this video, you’ll see one of our instructors, Devan Bonebrake, show you how to use the Swing Align. From your long drives to your short game, it can help you reach the low scores you never thought possible.

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Given how a golf swing needs a perfect swing plane, alignment, and more, using a golf swing aid like the Swing Align can change your game forever. There are many benefits of using the Swing Align, not the least of which is to keep your arms connected. With the Swing Align you can kiss that chicken wing goodbye. With our golf swing aid you can’t help but keep your arms and body synchronized, creating a strong, powerful, and precise swing through contact. Be sure to view this video to see how the Swing Align can lead to a better swing with better contact.

Strand Sports, Inc. is a business that is passionate about helping others reach their goals when it comes to playing golf. With over six decades of experience working in the golf industry, we’re focused on helping you elevate your golf game. Find your perfect swing with Swing Align today!

The Swing Align Golf Instruction Blog is a great resource for a variety of golf swing tips and golf drills to help you improve your game. You’ll find lessons on how to hit a draw, how to eliminate a golf slice, golf chipping tips and more! Any golfer will find these golf swing lessons useful, even if you don’t own a Swing Align golf training aid. But if you do own a Swing Align, you’ll learn how to use it to improve key fundamentals including alignment, posture, rotation, swing plane and connection. The red button at the top of the page will take you to the Swing Align YouTube channel where you’ll find even more golf swing instruction.