How to Hit a Chip Shot in Golf

man using the swing align training device to correct his golf chip shot

GO:  Chip shots are a mini golf swing.  Make sure you rotate your lower body.

man using the swing align training device to train his golf chip shot incorrectly

NO GO:  Failing to rotate your lower body can result in both thin and fat contact.



A common mistake that golfers make in their golf chip shots is failing to rotate their lower body like they do in a full golf swing. The tendency when hitting golf chip shots and golf pitch shots is to swing with the arms only, and neglect to make what should be a miniature golf swing with body turn. This causes poor contact and bad distance control. How do you fix your golf chip shots? How do you stop hitting fat and thin chip shots? Easy, with a Swing Align golf swing trainer. Use the Swing Align golf training aid on your legs just above the knees during your short game shots and you’ll know instantly if your lower body is engaged and rotating or not. It is very helpful to use the alignment rods from the Swing Junction product on the ground as a guide. The amount of rotation in chipping and pitching is often less than a full swing, but rotation is still key to well executed golf short game shots.

A great golf short-game practice drill is to rehearse your short game swing while concentrating entirely on rotating your lower body. Put the Swing Align device on your lower body just above the knees. Take the short rod sections from the Swing Junction and place one on either side of your feet at address and angle them about 30 degrees from your target line. As you rehearse your short game swing match the angle of the alignment rod attached to your legs to the short rods on the ground as you rotate your lower body in the backswing and follow through. Stop and hold your follow through position and check your rotation against the rod on the ground by your front foot. When doing this drill most golfers will need the larger cuffs in the Swing Align XL golf swing training device to fit on their lower body as your legs are larger than your arms. The Swing Align XL bundle includes both the Swing Align device and Swing Junction ground product which allow for effective golf short game training and practice. The Swing Align XL device is also available as part of the Swing Align Pro Bundle. The Swing Align Pro Bundle includes Swing Align Standard and Swing Align XL golf swing training aids, along with the Swing Junction ground based golf swing alignment aid. With the Pro Bundle you won't have to worry about missing out on any part of what Swing Align can offer your golf game. The Standard device will fit your arms for alignment, connection, rotation, and swing plane drills, while the XL device will fit your legs to cover all your short game options. There are even drills that can be done wearing both devices! It can be helpful to get a more detailed picture of our how upper and lower body interact throughout your golf swing. This interaction can point you toward harder to find flaws in your swing mechanics. For this reason the Swing Align Pro is the product used by top golf instructors.

If you take golf lessons, bring your device with you! Your Swing Align is like a second set of hands for your golf instructor. It is easy for both of you to see, and it helps illustrate much of what they’re already trying to teach you. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to understand complicated golf swing mechanics while wearing a Swing Align. It gives visual representation to concepts that are otherwise difficult to explain, and provides physical feedback to explain those golf swing mechanics that sometimes just can’t be otherwise figured out on your own. The Swing Align Pro is a truly complete swing trainer, and an invaluable tool for any serious golfer, especially one already investing in golf lessons. The price of a single golf lesson is often enough to pay for a Swing Align device! Do yourself a favor and get the most out of your training with Swing Align.


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