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For many avid golfers, there are only two sports seasons: Golf season, and golf off-season. That said, even when the weather is cold or rainy, it’s never a bad time to think about the game. If you’re the sort of golfer who spends their winters playing the mental game, then there’s a good chance your old man is too. And though Father’s Day only comes once a year, picking out the best Father's Day gifts for your dad, especially as they pertain to golf, can be a year-round chore. We’ve done some legwork for you here:

Here's a look at the 12 best golf gifts for dad this Father's Day (or any day, really):

  • Swing Align golf trainer: Does your dad struggle to hit fairways and greens in regulation?  Is he an old pro who likes to never let his game slip, even when he can’t get out to the course? Consider the most versatile swing training tool there is, Swing Align. The device fits all golfers and is designed to instill solid swing fundamentals.  It’s the only device that helps with alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane, all while using your own clubs. It’s perfect for taking full swings out on the range, but can easily be used indoors to practice and rehearse key swing positions when there’s snow on the ground. Available at
  • The V1 Golf App: Has your dad ever seen his golf swing on video?  The V1 Golf App lets you capture your golf swing for self analysis or send it to a V1 instructor for professional analysis.  Dad can even import a swing video to analyze his swing when the weather outside is bad. With V1 Golf Plus he can compare his golf swing next to a tour pro from the extensive V1 library (this can show your dad he is not as good as he thinks he is). V1 lets you capture, analyze and compare swing videos so your dad can geek out for hours. Visit:
  • A putting mat: How's your dad's short game? If he's seemingly always three-putting once he gets to the green, a putting matt can be a big help. Today's mats are several feet long and have additional features like alignment and distance control lines. Yes, it's not quite the same thing as putting out on the actual green, but it fits nicely just about anywhere in the home or office and can certainly help with this all-important aspect of the game. Combine the mat with a Swing Align for an even more powerful indoor putting tool. Our Favorite: FORM
  • Personalized golf balls: Order a dozen of your dad's favorite golf balls and then have them personalized with his name or nickname. It's a nice touch for an essential golf item that you can’t play a round without. Just make sure dad doesn't use these balls when he's about to hit over the water hazard, because he’s not going to want to lose them. Or better yet, get dad the Swing Align golf swing trainer to help him hit golf shots at full speed and develop his muscle memory so he won’t have to worry about losing any personalized golf balls. Available at
  • A ball retriever: Though this might classify as more of a gag Father's Day gift, no weekend warrior should be without one of these handy devices in their bag. Our Favorite: 15th Club Ball Retriever by Callaway
  • Golf bag beer mug: Chances are after your old man gets finished playing a round, he heads to the club house for a cold one. But when he's away from the course, the golf bag beer mug is a great way to remind him of how much he loves being out on the links. And being that these beer mugs are very detailed to look exactly like a golf bag - from the handle all the way down to the bag pockets on the mug itself - this mug makes for a great way for dad to enjoy a cold one away from the course. Available at: Gimmie
  • GOLFTEC lessons: If your dad is a serious golfer interested in shaving more strokes off of his game, look into some GOLFTEC lessons. GOLFTEC offers lessons in most major metropolitan areas and uses high-level analysis to help players improve every aspect of their golf game. In fact, the company says the average student drops 7 strokes from their game after lessons. For more information: GolfTec
  • IceRays sleeves: For those summer golf rounds where the temperatures have a tendency to get uncomfortably hot, the IceRays sleeves can help keep the arms cool and protected from the sun. These sleeves offer 50 UV protection and incorporate proven technology to keep the skin cool. It might seem like one of the more unique golf gifts you can purchase, but it can be a real game-changer for staying comfortable. Available at:
  • A Fitbit: If your dad prefers walking the course rather than riding in a golf cart, then chances are he’s into fitness and recognizes the health benefits of walking. On this note, a Fitbit can make for a great gift, as your pops will be able to accurately track the amount of steps he’s taking each round. Doing so can help him plan out the rest of his fitness regime to ensure he’s reaching the daily recommended exercise set by his doctor. Learn more here: fitbit
  • Garmin Golf Watch Approach S60: Looks good on and off the course. This golf watch gives you the critical information you need for your round. Displayed on a large, 1.2-inch sunlight readable color touchscreen so you can master your game. And with convenient bands, you can change your style without tools to match your activity, so you’re always in fashion. Learn more here: Garmin Approach S60
  • Golf shoe bag: Is your dad one to simply toss his golf shoes into his golf bag after a round? If so, a golf shoe bag can really come in handy. These bags are compact, so they can still fit in the golf bag, but they won’t get grass, dirt and other grime all over it. Our favorite: Jones
  • And of course, Caddyshack (film): The Chevy Chase, Bill Murray classic is arguably the most iconic of all golf movies, and it makes for a great gift for any golfing dad – especially on those rainy days when hitting up the links isn’t an option. If you want to gift a Caddyshack pack, consider pairing the movie with the book on the making of it by Chris Nashawaty. Movie Available at: Amazon and Book Available at: Amazon

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