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There are many ways to go about improving your golf swing and lowering your golf score.  Digging through the countless articles on the topic will unearth some easily agreed upon standards.  The importance of alignment and backswing, of the golf swing plane and keeping your arms and body synchronized are touted often.  While there are many golf alignment aids that address a single aspect of golf swing mechanics, there are very few that tackle more than that, and almost none that can truly be called a full golf swing trainer.  Those few that can are often overly complicated, unwieldy, and costly. The Swing Align; however, addresses each of these golf swing mechanics, and does so with a simple, elegant approach.

Aligning Your Body

Aligning your body with your target line is the first step in hitting a good golf shot. Because proper alignment occurs before the golf swing starts, all golfers are equally capable of doing it well. The Swing Align is first and foremost a golf alignment aid. Those of you who have had golf lessons, you should already be familiar with one of the most basic alignment tips; holding a golf club against your chest to show where your body is pointed. The concept here is the same.

a man setting up for a perfect golf swing

In the past, it’s been necessary for someone else to facilitate this method of alignment; to show you your body alignment relative to your target line.  Now you can easily practice and perfect this on your own.

The Golf Backswing

The golf backswing is a bit more complicated.  It can be broken down into integral parts:

  • Rotation
  • Swing plane
  • Keeping your arms and body connected

Where these parts meet is where a great backswing begins. Swing Align’s alignment rod is capable of revealing much more than simply where your body is pointed.  It's horizontal position relative to the ground, and direction relative to your target line as you move through your golf swing, is equally valuable.

swing align golf aid, making a perfect backswing

The brightly colored rod on your Swing Align golf training aid will make common golf backswing flaws immediately obvious.  The goal of your backswing is to use your body to rotate your shoulders while keeping your arms and body synchronized. Some instructors refer to this as a connection, or using the big muscles in your body to move your arms.  Many golfers use only their arms and hope that the body comes along for the ride.  What you're striving for when you hit the top of your backswing is an alignment rod that is perpendicular to your target line and nearly parallel to the ground (pictured above)

Spine Angle and Proper Swing Plane

If the rod is perpendicular to your target line at the top of your swing, you have properly rotated your body. If the rod is somewhere between parallel, and slightly angled downward toward the ball, you have maintained your spine angle and stayed on the proper swing plane.  A downward tilt in the rod as you start your backswing is a good indication of having started on the proper plane (pictured below). However, beware of extreme angles.  If the rod is tilted too far down toward the ball, you've collapsed.  If it comes up to parallel with the ground before the top of your swing, or points up in the air at the top of your swing, you've stood up and lost that good posture. 

illustration of man using swing align to square up a great golf swing

Arm-body Synchronization

Watching the rod of your Swing Align golf swing trainer can also do wonders for arm-body synchronization.  Too much arm movement is a sure way to get that rod into a bad position. The connection belt will keep your arms together, which will simplify your rotation, and eliminate the arms separating from each other and from your body.  You can rely upon the cuffs and belt to help keep your arms in the proper position, freeing you up to focus on using those larger muscles to drive your swing.

Powerful Visual Feedback

Just like with alignment, keeping your body rotating and golf swing on plane have previously required another set of eyes.  Swing Align provides powerful visual feedback and visual memory through the alignment rod. It makes it easy to learn on your own, or to practice what your instructor is teaching you.  Regular use of the device promotes muscle memory, especially for timing and connection via the belt. The device can be your off-hours trainer and can do wonders for your golf swing mechanics. It is among the best golf swing training aids on the market, and one of a select few that can help with every aspect of your golf swing.

close up illustration of swing align golf swing training aid on a man's forarms

There is no doubt that time and money are barriers to golf instruction. Strand Sports understands that there are plenty of golfers who want to improve their game, but see few reasonable options to do so. That’s why we’ve created Swing Align, the most versatile golf swing trainer on the market. Swing Align is an intuitive training aid that is easy to use, and made with quality, solid materials. The main benefit of using a quality golf training aid is that it will provide structure and purpose to your practice session.  Swing Align breaks bad habits and gets you focused on something productive, a strong, solid swing. Use it for as little as 5-10 minutes a few times per week to cement a strong swing foundation that stays with you, even when you take off the device. Lessons like these are even more powerful with the help of a Swing Align device!

Why Swing Align | About Us

Why We Created Swing Align

We love golf. It’s one of few games in which everyone celebrates good shots, regardless of who took them. In keeping with that spirit, we’ve set out to help every golfer feel the thrill of hitting it solid. Here at Strand Sports, we understand all too well that many golfers want to improve, but see no realistic way to do so. That’s why we created Swing Align, the most versatile golf swing trainer on the market. Swing Align is easy to use, it’s intuitive, and incredibly effective. As little as 5-10 minutes a few times per week can help cement a strong swing foundation in any golfer, at any skill level.

About Us

Strand Sports is a small, family run company based in Oceanside CA. Founded in 2017, Swing Align is the product of a collaboration between Everett Strand, Chris McGinley and his son, Connor. Between them, they have over 60 years of experience working in the golf industry.


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