Top Mountain Golf Courses in the United States

A North American hockey rink is always 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. A regulation basketball hoop is always 10 feet from the ground. It's always 90 feet from home plate to first base, and a football field is always 100 yards in length. Every golf course, however, offers a different playing experience.

That's one of the many things that makes the game so great — no two courses play the same way. Some courses are cut out of the forest, others out of the desert. Some are even cut out of farmland or designed around oceans and lakes. But there's nothing quite like playing a golf course in the mountains, especially since they offer cooler, more comfortable temperatures as we're heading into the dog days of summer.

Not only does every hole offer a scenic view, but the play can also offer its fair share of challenges when you account for elevation changes, doglegs and more. Who doesn't love a round of mountain golf? We know we sure do. It's why we've put together this list showcasing some of the best mountain golf courses the United States has to offer. Have a look:

The Yellowstone Club (Big Sky, Montana)

One of the most beautiful golf courses in Montana, let alone the United States, the Yellowstone Club is a private golf club and ski resort. In fact, the golf course itself is almost like you're playing on the ski slopes, as it's ripe with slopes, hilly terrain and, elevation changes. The course is awe-inspiring, as it offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains from just about every tee box.

Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club (Harrison, Idaho)

This iconic course is carved around Lake Coeur d'Alene and the mountains and hills that border it. The picturesque scenery makes for a round of golf that won't soon be forgotten. The course was designed by Tom Fazio, and many of the course's fairways seemingly end at the foot of mountains.

Cliffs at Glassy (Greenville County, South Carolina)

You don't get a name like the "Cliffs at Glassy" for a golf course that's located in the farmland. No, this South Carolina course sits about 3,000 feet above sea level, offering spectacular views from every hole. In fact, the course is South Carolina's only true mountain top golf course, and it regularly ranks among the best golf courses to play in the country. It’s signature 13th hole is particularly majestic, offering views of up to 75 miles away on a clear day. It's a course you have to play.

The Old White TPC at the Greenbriar (White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia)

This golf course originally opened in 1914 (though numerous renovations have taken place since then) and offers golfers scenic views of the nearby Appalachian Mountains. The course is regularly played as part of the PGA's circuit, so you can always expect it to be in pristine condition. It's widely regarded as the best golf course in the state of West Virginia.

Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club (New Castle, Colorado)

This course just opened for play in 2004, so it's fairly new by golf course standards. It's literally carved out of the state's canyons and other natural terrain. Designed by James Engh, some highlights of this course include tee boxes with elevation drops of 100 feet to the fairway. If you're vacationing in Aspen, New Castle is just a short drive away, making for an enjoyable golf day trip.

Old Works Golf Course (Anaconda, Montana)

This course is another must-play for any mountain golf course lover. Designed by the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus himself, it's carved right out of the mountains and is built near the site of an old copper smelter. Another nice thing about the Old Works Golf Course is that it's fairly reasonable to play. When you mix affordability, golf, and majestic scenery, you have a combination that's tough to beat.

Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course (Midway, Utah)

We'll cap this list with another great mountain-based course, the 18-hole Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course. We'd suggest playing a round during the fall months when the trees dotting the mountains are offering an even more picturesque scenery. The mountains aren't the only things you'll see when playing this course, be on the lookout for deer, elk, moose and wild turkey.


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