Swing Align Short Game

Swing Align Short Game Device Makes Consistent Scoring Shots a Lock

Innovative Swing Training Aid Promotes Better Form, Solid Contact and More Control

Oceanside, CA – To have reliable short game skills, golfers must hit shots around the green that have consistent contact and fly and land with quality distance control. Putts must be hit on the correct line and at proper speed to give them a chance to drop in the hole. To improve your short game, a consistent and connected swing, or stroke, is a must. With the help of the new wearable Swing Align Short Game training aid, any golfer can hit these critical shots effectively and repeatably.

Designed by the makers of the original breakthrough Swing Align training aid (which helps golfers improve and maintain alignment, rotation, swing plane and connection in the golf swing), Swing Align Short Game teaches golfers to maintain proper arm spacing and the all-important-triangle formed by the arms and shoulders.

Chipping and putting with swing align short game

Swing Align Short Game helps synchronize the arms to move at a consistent speed, allowing the bigger muscles to control shots for more repeatable results. Golfers prone to using their arms or hands to flip or swipe at the ball can quickly feel what it’s like to make well-struck wedge shots, pitches, chips and putts.

Swing Align Short Game fits easily across your chest and uses a highly-visible alignment rod with adjustable O-ring stops to create different arm-spacing options. The flexible cuffs are mounted with their openings facing out. Using light pressure to push the arm cuffs together against the stops helps you stay connected with your arms in a perfect triangle, producing a more controlled short game swing or putting stroke.

putting alignment

“So many golfers, even really good players, struggle with consistency in their short game. Swing Align Short Game is designed to help golfers remove the guesswork from scoring shots and replace it with consistent, repeatable techniques you can trust when it matters most,” says Chris McGinley, Swing Align co-founder and 30-year golf industry veteran. “Once you start hitting crisp shots and solid putts with better distance control, your confidence will soar and your scores will improve.”

Swing Align Short Game arm cuffs are secured with capture screws on either end of the rod to keep the cuffs from sliding off. This feature allows golfers to use Swing Align Short Game to hit full wedge and short iron shots, training you to control the length of your backswing and make well-connected swings. 

Swing Align Short Game

“Repeatable distance control is the key to a great short game and lower scores. Swing Align Short Game is easy to use at home or at the golf course to develop consistency in your short game shots. You’ll soon trust your more controlled technique and see more shots land closer to the pin and more putts roll into the hole,” McGinley says.

Swing Align Short Game:

  • Grooves a more repeatable short game swing and putting stroke
  • Teaches short game connection, control and consistency
  • Promotes better distance control on and around the green 
  • Helps all golfers learn, improve and maintain skills through a simple process 
  • Works for all short game shots: from full swings to pitches, chips and putts

Swing Align Short Game is available for $124.95.

Swing Align Short Game comes in two sizes and features adjustable foam pads to fit most golfers. The Short Game Rod can be purchased individually for golfers who already own a Swing Align device.

The Swing Align Pro bundle has also been upgraded to include the new Short Game Rod, giving you both full swing and short game improvement in one versatile package.

Swing Align and Swing Align Short Game have been developed by golf industry veterans with more than 60 years’ experience, and with input from PGA Tour players as well as top golf instructors. Each device provides instant visual feedback and uses muscle memory to ingrain good habits.

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