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Get better in 15 minutes or less! You can use this patented training aid at home or on the range to improve your alignment, rotation, connection and swing plane. Rehearse key positions or hit any golf shot at full speed while wearing the device. Swing Align Bundle is our best seller and includes the Swing Junction ground alignment rod.

Two devices in one! The Swing Align Short Game Rod is included in the Bundle, which means you can use your Swing Align with any club in your bag! From full swings to pitches, from chips to putts, we've got you covered.

  • Improves golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane
  • Increases your power and accuracy
  • Aligns your upper and lower body at your target
  • See and feel proper the swing positions
  • Groove a more connected and repeatable golf swing
  • Works for golfers of all skill levels
  • Helps full swing, chipping and putting

Add a Swing Align Carry Bag to your purchase for just $14.97! (discount automatically calculated at checkout)

    90-DAY SWING IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE: If the Swing Align doesn't improve your swing in 90 days, send it back for the full refund. No questions asked!

    LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE: If your Swing Align ever breaks from defects in materials or workmanship during normal and customary use we will replace it for you at no charge.


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      Align swing


      It’s not a gimmick

      I have definitely enjoyed what time I’ve had to implement this device into my practice routine. I’m a huge believer in setup and visualization in golf as a whole. This tool manages to accomplish both, while simultaneously inhibiting great feel and muscle memory. It should not be purchased as the end all be all to fix a manipulated swing. However for the more serious weekend golfer or competitor it is a great tool to confirm your overall setup. The short rod is a must. Really creates a nice feel to strike to finish when you’re cuffed in.


      I have not yet received the order

      My biceps are too fat

      Hi, I think I should have gotten the bigger or EX Large version because the cuffs pinch my biceps. I am going to try and hit tomorrow.

      Swing align

      I only received 1 of the products, who can I speak to?