Swing Align Pro


Want it all? This is the kit we supply our professional instructors and it includes both Standard and XL arm cuffs, the Swing Junction ground alignment kit, and Short Game rod. You can use this patented training kit at home or on the range to improve alignment, takeaway, body rotation, arm structure, connection, swing plane and follow through.  Use XL cuffs on your lower body for even more improvement! 

Work on your weaknesses by improving your whole swing!

  • Groove a connected and repeatable golf swing
  • Increase your full swing power, accuracy and consistency
  • Great for short game improvement
  • Works for golfers of all skill level
  • Aligns your upper and lower body at your target
  • See and feel proper swing positions
  • Hit balls while wearing the device for unparalleled feedback
  • Use the XL device on your legs for lower body rotation or putting stability
  • Wear devices on your upper and lower body to understand swing sequence
  • Devan Bonebrake Full Body Swing Align from Golf on Vimeo.


      • FREE Online Golf Lesson from The Golf Room Everywhere! ($129 Value)
      • FREE Video Series on how to build a better golf swing with Kyle Morris, top 50 instructor. ($99 Value)
      • Total Added Value of $228 when you buy Swing Align Pro Bundle.

      One free online lesson per order. One lesson per customer.

      90-DAY SWING IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE: If the Swing Align doesn't improve your swing in 90 days, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked!

      LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE: If your Swing Align ever breaks from defects in materials or workmanship during normal and customary use we will replace it for you at no charge.

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            Gary Nelson
            Great product

            I like the product it really improves your alignment which results in squaring the clubface when you strike the ball.

            nicholas retamoza
            AMAZING PRODUCT!!!

            Super easy to use and to engrain the feeling of a square set up.

            Makes the golf swing much easier to repeat!!

            Kerry Fitzgerald
            Great Product!

            I have been teaching golf for over 30 years and I think the Swing Align Pro is one of the best training aids to help players of all skill levels grove an efficient and repeatable golf swing.

            Kerry Fitzgerald , PGA

            Wesley Nash
            Swing Align Review

            Every golf aid has something to pitch and can be helpful depending on your level. But it really matters when you reach a level where you start to feel the power of rotation to make contact rather than your arms. For me Swing Align forced my takeaway into the proper rotational position and prevented me from using my arms for power. It takes practice to hit the ball consistently with a proper takeaway which is why I needed an aid such as Swing Align to insure I was doing it right.

            David Kuhn
            Excellent product!

            The swing align has been an extremely helpful tool for getting my students to feel proper alignments in the full swing and short game. I’m very pleased with the quality and flexibility of the Swing Align!!!