Swing Align Pro



The even more versatile golf swing training kit.

Want it all? This is the kit we supply for our professional instructors.

  • Teaches golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane
  • Promotes a golf swing with more power with better accuracy
  • Helps all golfers learn and maintain through a simple process
  • Grooves a more repeatable set up and golf swing
  • Rehearse key positions or hit any golf shot at full speed while wearing the device
  • Use the XL on your legs for putting and chipping drills
  • When used together, Swing Align and the included Swing Junction alignment rod create a peerless golf alignment aid
  • Justifying your body and target lines has never been easier

Swing Align is the only swing training device that helps the golfer improve through both visual and muscle memory.

The Swing Align Pro Bundle includes both a Swing Align Standard and a Swing Align XL, sized for use on legs, or for biceps measuring over 13.5" in circumference while hanging at rest.  The XL cuffs can also be worn over a jacket.

Perfect the rotation of your upper and lower body by wearing both devices at once! The Pro Bundle also includes a Swing Junction alignment rod set for yet another layer of feedback.

    30 day guarantee


    • flexible cuff assemblies in standard and XL
    • cushioned pads, standard and XL
    • adjustable connection belts
    • three long alignment rods
    • six short rod extensions
    • Swing Junction puck
    • additional thick cushioned pads, standard and XL

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