Swing Align Pro



Save $80 when you buy the Pro Bundle!

Want it all? This is the kit we supply our professional instructors.

  • Full swing trainer teaches golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane
  • Promotes a golf swing with more power with better accuracy
  • Helps all golfers learn and maintain through a simple process
  • Grooves a more repeatable set up and golf swing
  • Rehearse key positions or hit any golf shot at full speed while wearing the device
  • Use the XL on your legs for full swing, or putting and chipping drills
  • Wear devices on your upper and lower body at the same time to see and rehearse the full body rotation sequence 
  • Swing Align and the included Swing Junction alignment rod create a peerless golf alignment aid

Swing Align is the only swing training device that helps the golfer improve through both visual and muscle memory.

NEW and IMPROVED - Now includes the new Swing Align Short Game Rod.

  • Learn short game connection, distance control and consistency
  • Groove a more repeatable putting and chipping stroke
  • Improve your game on and around the green

The Swing Align Pro Bundle includes both a Swing Align Standard and a Swing Align XL, sized for use on legs, or for biceps measuring over 13.5" in circumference while hanging at rest.  The XL cuffs can also be worn over a jacket.

The Pro Bundle includes a Swing Junction and Short Game rod set for Full Swing and Short Game improvement.

Add a Swing Align Carry Bag to your purchase for just $16.97! (discount automatically calculated at checkout)

    30 day guarantee


    • flexible cuff assemblies in standard and XL
    • cushioned pads, standard and XL
    • adjustable connection belts
    • Short Game Rod
    • three long alignment rods
    • six short rod extensions
    • two rod end caps
    • Swing Junction puck
    • additional thick cushioned pads, standard and XL

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